Summer Date Night Style


I wear so many dresses in the summertime, it gets a bit ridiculous :). So when I received this gorgeous dress from The Mint Julep that was a bit too short for me to style as a dress, I jumped at the opportunity at putting together a perfect summer date night look (that isn’t a dress for once… haha).

This dress is so versatile, it can be styled as a dress….duh or as a tunic. After this look came together so nicely I totally fell in love with this dress styled as a tunic. The Mint Julep has SO MANY stinking cute styles, I could shop on their site for hours and hours.

Now about the MOST BEAUTIFUL clutch ever, its from Larae Boutique, a fashion forward boutique located in Hawaii. They have the best deals that I have seen to date and some of the most beautiful, unique styles. This clutch is only $10 and would pair so perfectly with almost anything. It’s even prettier in person. Check out Larae, I know that you will love them and their prices as much as I do!

Shoes: Target // Leggings: Victorias Secret (make sure to use Ebates to get cash back at Victorias Secret and Target!)


IMG_1214 IMG_1217 IMG_1216 IMG_1215 IMG_1211 IMG_1213 IMG_1210 IMG_1209

My Favorite Modesty Hacks // How to Make Pretty Much Any Top Modest


This midi dress is from Aro and Company (enter in “WHITJ10” for 10% off your whole purchase) and it’s what dreams are made of, the material is soft, not constricting and the length is amazing. I absolutely fell in love with it from the second that I saw it! The back if it is one of the best parts; its so unique, it dips low and has a strap across the shoulder blades (pictured below). However, because of my stand on modesty I had to do a little modesty hack in order to wear this dress. Which is what brings me to one of my favorite topics; modesty hacks.

If your shirt is sleeveless, dips too low in the front or the back, or is sheer; half tees are your answer! These tees are amazing, they will cover just the right amount for you to be modest and the best part is that it won’t add bulk to your outfit as it only covers half of your torso.

Another option for sleeveless shirts are to wear a cardigan over it, you can see one of my favorite tank- cardigan layered looks here. Or my favorite option; layer it with a kimono! You can see how I layered one of my favorite sleeveless tops with a kimono here.

I will be doing another segment soon about my favorite modestly hacks for skirts and dresses that are too short. There are so many options out there and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Midi Dress: Aro and Company (enter in “WHITJ10” for 10% off your whole purchase) // Kimono: Coral Reef Swim // Hat and Shoes: Target // Half Tee: Half Tee


DSC_0300 DSC_0259 DSC_0250 DSC_0245 DSC_0238 DSC_0231 DSC_0224 DSC_0211 DSC_0201

Frugal Friday // Week 2 + Tulle, Floral, and Graphic Tees


Here is my Week 2 Frugal Friday look. I am so excited about this look because not only was it SO fun to put together but in total from head to toe it’s $58 dollars! This is such a fun summer outfit, how could you go wrong with tulle, floral, and graphic tees? Not to mention that this tee is from the Lemon Tee Shop, one of the cutest specialty tee shops that I know of! Ready for the best part? I have a 20% off code for you to use to get your own adorable graphic tee! Use “WHITJ20” for 20% off any tee at the Lemon Tee Shop. They have kids and men tees as well!

Shirt: $30 Lemon Tee Shop (with 20% off code “WHITJ20)

Tulle Skirt: $10 Ruby Bloom (I can’t find them on their site anymore but here is a similar one on their site and I saw other similar ones at BB Styled Boutique they also have these same tulle skirts on often!)

Shoes: $13 Target (buy one get one 1/2 off sale, plus 5% off with my Red Card)

Bag: $5 Fashion Corner (from the Fashion Corner Warehouse sale a few weeks ago, they had items for DIRT cheap, I even got shoes for as low as $5. They do these warehouse sales often so keep an eye on their Instagram and you can see when their next one is).

Total= $58 

All of these fab pics were taken by Ashley Eliza Photography make sure to enter my giveaway to win a mini photo session with her!



DSC_0316 DSC_0338 DSC_0341 DSC_0372 DSC_0377 DSC_0322 DSC_0330 DSC_0367 DSC_0401 DSC_0406

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It’s Our Lucky Day!


This dress is the “Our Lucky Day” dress from Perle Market. It’s so comfy and beautiful but the best part is that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Here is have it dressed up but put on some flip flops or canvas shoes and boom! You have it perfectly dressed down. It could also be easily used as a swimsuit cover up. The list goes on and on for the uses of this dress.

Remember to enter in code “whitjxoxo” for 10% off any order at Perle Market and don’t forget to enter my $5o giveaway to their shop, today is the last day to enter!

Hat- H&M // Shoes- Kohl’s // Necklace- Target // Clutch- Magnolia Mill 


IMG_0930 IMG_0932 IMG_0933

Summer is HOT// My Tips On Staying Cool

IMG_0720-1 This Summer has been the hottest Summer in Utah for a very long time. Now, I am a huge fan of Summer time (who in the right mind isn’t??) but when it’s this hot this early into Summer, it definitely make things interesting. I am going to share with you how I stay cool without sacrificing style or modesty. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we believe in being modest, especially after we have been endowed in the Temple (even though that is what I believe, it totally doesn’t mean I don’t love you all the same if you don’t feel the same way… I promise!). Thus, I have always had a hard time when Summer came because its so HOT and when it’s so hot the only way to cool down is to wear less…right? WRONG! Here are my tips on how: Skirts, dresses, and sandals, oh my! 1. Dresses- I LIVE in skirts and dresses in the summer time. Lately I have been obsessed with Baseball tee dresses. There are so many amazing midi dresses out there that are so comfy and so BREEZY. Yes breezy, I feel way cooler in a midi dress than I even do in capris. Sometimes I have the problem with dresses not being quite long enough, when I run into this problem I always size up. More baggy and less fitted is definitely in right now so its a win win 🙂 Here are links to some of my favorite summer breezy dresses: Moxie and Threads (remember to enter in “whitjmoxie” for 20% off your purchase) Mindy Mae’s Market, and Sonnet JamesIMG_0637 IMG_0824 IMG_0634 2. Sandals… let yo feet breathe!! Lets also talk about how amazing sandals look with skirts and dresses. Here are some of my very favorite sandals right now: PS I Adore You, Target (they have a promo going on right now, save 20% on shoes and accessories), and Piper and Scoot 3. Skirts with graphic tees, lets be honest here… graphic tees are all the rage and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! Just like dresses, skirts give you that easy breezy feeling in this summer heat. It is the perfect way to stay nice and cool. Graphic tees are so cute and are completely effortless, you honestly can’t go wrong with a graphic tee. Add a graphic tee to any skirt and I promise that you will be rocking it. Here are some of my favorite summer skirts: Modest Pop, and Laurel Sherbert (you know getting two for one is like my favorite thing…look at these skirts and you will totally know why I love them. Enter in code “SUMMER15” for 20% off your purchase). Now for some of my favorite graphic tees: Arsenic and Lace, and Sweet T’s Design. IMG_0591IMG_0812 4. McDonalds Diet coke….nuff said- keep yourself hydrated! I know this isn’t fashion related but I think my veins bleed diet coke so I had to add it in here :). I would LOVE to hear how you stay cool in the Summer, comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading! FullSizeRender

Canyon Fun With The Julia Dress

IMG_0696-1LuLaRoe blows my mind, their dresses are so unique, so flattering, and so comfy. I can’t get enough of them! It was so much fun to style this dress, the little pops of turquoise were a blast to play with. Shooting these pictures in Provo Canyon this weekend was amazing, I had so much fun with my photographer….who I am in love with, literally 🙂 My cute hubs is the one who spends hours taking all of my pictures (making sure he gives me the best advice on where to fix my hair and where to put this hand, or that hand) and then spends more hours editing them. I honestly couldn’t do this whole blogging thing without him. I can’t believe how selfless he is and the hours he has put into this with nothing but a smile on his face. Needless to say, I am the luckiest to call him mine. Okay I am done being sappy 🙂 thanks for reading!


IMG_0738-1  IMG_0727Dress: The Julia Dress- LuLaRoe, Denim Vest- H&M,  Bracelets and shoes- Target, Necklace- Brickyard Buffalo

Makeup: Seventy7 Cosmetics Cream Foundation Quad in color “light”, Precision Eyeliner, and Lipgloss in color “Pink Pop”.

La Belle Vie Boutique

I recently became a brand rep for this adorable boutique called La Belle Vie. I feel so lucky that I get to represent their brand because truly love it! Each piece is fashionable, unique, fun, comfortable, and not to mention their owners are amazing. From the second I started communicating with them I knew that I wanted to work with them. I am featuring their extremely comfy and flattering Lauren Dress in black and their adorable  Kate Bow Bracelet that I seriously can’t get enough of, I want to wear it every day! Really guys, the Lauren dress is extremely flattering especially around the mid section. I felt nothing but confidence while wearing this dress and there is no greater feeling…am I right?? The best part about this is that La Belle Vie is amazing and offering 25% off to my followers through June 5th on all regular priced items (that includes the Lauren dress, the Kate Bow Bracelet, and many more) by entering in code “whitjxoxo” so get shopping, I promise you will not be disappointed!


IMG_0671IMG_0669IMG_0672IMG_0664 2IMG_2168    IMG_0662IMG_2173First Outfit: The Lauren Dress– La Belle Vie, Hat- Target, Shoes- Target, Jewelry- Kate Bow Bracelet– La Belle Vie, Teach&Love bar bracelet and Bee square necklace with charm- Three Chicks Couture -remember to use code “BRANDROCK” to receive 30% off through May 🙂

Second Outfit: The Lauren Dress– La Belle Vie, Hat- Target, Shoes- Target, Jewelry- Teach&Love bar bracelet and Bee square necklace with charm- Three Chicks Couture– -remember to use code “BRANDROCK” to receive 30% off through May 🙂


So a couple of weeks ago my cute friend, Julie, the owner of an adorable Etsy jewelry shop Unforgettable Jules posted about this company called LuLaRoe so of course I looked it up, fell in love, and got added to a LuLaRoe shopping party on Facebook immediately! I couldn’t even believe the many different styles that they had, things I had been looking for forever… FOREVER people. So I bought two dresses, they were shipped two days later and I wore them last week. Complete honesty here. I have never had so many compliments on one outfit in one day in my life. So after a day of feeling like a princess in my perfect dress, I contacted Hayley Kling, an awesome LuLaRoe consultant, and told her that I have to sell these ASAP! I need every single person I know to know how amazing this company is. The quality is top notch, and the patters that they use are unique and beautiful. The best part about these dresses is that they are 100% flattering, they hug you in all the right places and for us girls who are constantly trying to find dresses long enough and modest enough, these are the dresses. My party is this Tuesday on Facebook from 8-10 p.m, however you can continue to shop until Thursday. One big advantage of shopping on Tuesday is that Hayley is going to be offering some awesome specials from 8-10 p.m so you can get things at a discount. So while your all tuning into the Bachelorette 😉 (don’t lie, I know it your guilty pleasure too) you can do some shopping as well. If you want to be able to buy these clothes but haven’t been added to my group on Facebook you can comment on here to let me know so that I can add you :).

Also, one last MOST important detail, with both of these dresses I am wearing the most adorable necklaces from Three Chicks Couture seriously guys, I am in love. They are offering my followers 30% off through May by entering in code “BRANDROCK” so RUN, don’t walk over to her Etsy shop. I challenge you to find only one thing that you fall in love with.


IMG_0635 IMG_0630IMG_0640IMG_0632IMG_0643IMG_0645IMG_0647First Dress: LuLaRoe’s Julia Dress, Style For Today Chambray shirt (WHITNEYJ for 15% off), Shoes-Target, “W” dainty silver initial necklace- Three Chicks Couture

Second Dress: LuLaRoe’s Ana Dress, Hat and Purse- H&M, Shoes- Target, Bow Bracelet- La Belle Vie, Teach&Love bar necklace- Three Chicks Couture


On this lovely Thursday I’m throwin it back to my college graduation a few weeks ago. I graduated in Elementary Education from Utah Valley University. Of course for my graduation dress (that my hubs claims no one ever sees because of the gown… what?? Okay he may be right but still…) I had to find one that I LOVED because… you only graduated once, right? So I found just that, the perfect graduation dress from BBStyled Boutique. I wish that I would have gotten a few better angles of this dress because it truly is amazing. The way the stripes are angled on the side give it a very slimming fit and not to mention the fact that I felt like I was in my pajamas the whole ceremony long. But think the best part about this dress is that is was only $14.99!! SUCH a steal. BBStyled has incredible deals all of the time, keep an eye out on their giveaway page for deals that are FREE, all you pay is shipping. I will be styling this dress in my favorite way soon so stay tuned…maybe I’ll even be able to get a coupon code for you :). BBstyled is also doing a warehouse sale in Orem this Friday and Saturday check out their Instagram for more details about that! I am definitely going to be there.



Dress: BBstyled Boutique White Striped Midi Dress Shoes: Kohls

Style For Today- Coral Midi Skirt

Here I styled my Style For Today Coral Midi Skirt three different ways. My first look was fancy a great look for a job interview, church, weddings, anything that you want to dress up a little fancier for. My second look was laid back, I loved this look, it was so beyond comfy I never wanted to change. My third look was a mix between the two, we’ll name it “Lancy” laid back, fancy :). I got this whole look from Style For Today. The Chambray top is amazing, one of my favorite Chambrays I have worn, such a great color. I love how versatile this skirt is, It just works with everything. When I buy something you better believe I want to get my use out of it and wear it many times in many different ways and this skirt makes that all possible. Use WHITNEYJ at Style For Today to get 15% off!


IMG_0592IMG_0596 IMG_0591IMG_0599

IMG_0603IMG_0609IMG_0604 First Look:

Jacket- H&M, Skirt-Style For Today, Necklace- Layered from Three Chicks Couture, Shoes- Kohls

Second Look:

Shirt- Taipan Trading, Skirt-Style For Today, Hat, Bracelet, and Shoes- Target

Third Look:

Shirt and Skirt- Style For Today, Shoes- Kohls, Necklace- Target