You Better Believe I Wear Olivia Wares


I recently found this company through Instagram called Olivia Wares they have beautiful, unique, fashion finds in their boutique and I truly enjoy browsing their shop… I do if often.

In this perfectly cool and fun summery outfit I am featuring their floral leggings. Guys, these leggings are as soft as butter and (as you can see) I am a girl with curves and these have plenty of stretch to perfectly cover my curves. I didn’t feel like I was bursting out of them AT ALL (which is not that easy to find when it comes to leggings and my bod).

Ready for the best parts? I am giving away one pair of leggings from Olivia Wares this week so stay tuned for the details on that. ALSO, I’m all about beauty on a budget so I have a killer 40% off coupon code for you to use on anything in their shop! Enter in code “whitneyj” but act quick because this is only good through this Sunday 7/12. UPDATE: Code is working now :). Happy Shopping! I hope you love Olivia Wares as much as I do :).

Shoes, sunglasses, chambray wrap- Target, Grey boyfriend tee- Kohl’s


IMG_0964 IMG_0961 IMG_0967 IMG_0969 IMG_0957 IMG_0965 IMG_0958

Summer is HOT// My Tips On Staying Cool

IMG_0720-1 This Summer has been the hottest Summer in Utah for a very long time. Now, I am a huge fan of Summer time (who in the right mind isn’t??) but when it’s this hot this early into Summer, it definitely make things interesting. I am going to share with you how I stay cool without sacrificing style or modesty. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and we believe in being modest, especially after we have been endowed in the Temple (even though that is what I believe, it totally doesn’t mean I don’t love you all the same if you don’t feel the same way… I promise!). Thus, I have always had a hard time when Summer came because its so HOT and when it’s so hot the only way to cool down is to wear less…right? WRONG! Here are my tips on how: Skirts, dresses, and sandals, oh my! 1. Dresses- I LIVE in skirts and dresses in the summer time. Lately I have been obsessed with Baseball tee dresses. There are so many amazing midi dresses out there that are so comfy and so BREEZY. Yes breezy, I feel way cooler in a midi dress than I even do in capris. Sometimes I have the problem with dresses not being quite long enough, when I run into this problem I always size up. More baggy and less fitted is definitely in right now so its a win win 🙂 Here are links to some of my favorite summer breezy dresses: Moxie and Threads (remember to enter in “whitjmoxie” for 20% off your purchase) Mindy Mae’s Market, and Sonnet JamesIMG_0637 IMG_0824 IMG_0634 2. Sandals… let yo feet breathe!! Lets also talk about how amazing sandals look with skirts and dresses. Here are some of my very favorite sandals right now: PS I Adore You, Target (they have a promo going on right now, save 20% on shoes and accessories), and Piper and Scoot 3. Skirts with graphic tees, lets be honest here… graphic tees are all the rage and I am SO HAPPY ABOUT IT! Just like dresses, skirts give you that easy breezy feeling in this summer heat. It is the perfect way to stay nice and cool. Graphic tees are so cute and are completely effortless, you honestly can’t go wrong with a graphic tee. Add a graphic tee to any skirt and I promise that you will be rocking it. Here are some of my favorite summer skirts: Modest Pop, and Laurel Sherbert (you know getting two for one is like my favorite thing…look at these skirts and you will totally know why I love them. Enter in code “SUMMER15” for 20% off your purchase). Now for some of my favorite graphic tees: Arsenic and Lace, and Sweet T’s Design. IMG_0591IMG_0812 4. McDonalds Diet coke….nuff said- keep yourself hydrated! I know this isn’t fashion related but I think my veins bleed diet coke so I had to add it in here :). I would LOVE to hear how you stay cool in the Summer, comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading! FullSizeRender

Pink, Tulle, and Floral // Getting the Most Out of Your Purchases


My outfit today involves three of my favorite things; pink, tulle, and floral. These three are such a great combination together, you really just can’t go wrong. You might recognize this shirt from one of my previous posts a few back called Laid Back Summer  Lovin! In that post I styled this shirt very casually. But this time around I styled it fancy. Which brings me to the topic of how to make the very most out of your purchases.

I am not, nor will I ever be, the type of blogger who buys prada and wears Louis Vuitton, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those designers but I am just not a designer type. When I buy, I buy for style (of course) but I also buy for versatility. My hubs and I have a budget we set each month and I stay within that budget, even as I blog. In order to do this I look for pieces to buy that I know I can wear at least two different ways, like this shirt. If I can’t wear it two different ways then I rarely buy it…unless I am in LOVE with it and in that case…well you know what that case is :).

This shirt is from White Plum right now you can get 40% off your order of $40 or more by entering in code “AMERICAN BEAUTY”

What are your tricks for style on a budget? I would love to hear from you! I am always looking for new ideas. Thanks for reading!


Shirt: White Plum, Skirt: Ruby Bloom Boutique, Sunglasses and Shoes: Target, Clutch: Magnolia Mill,

IMG_0820IMG_0818 IMG_0830 IMG_0825 IMG_0822 IMG_0821

Stripes on Stripes


Stripes on stripes and I am totally okay with it. This outfit it ultimate comfort and cute/summery to top it off, could it get any better? Na.

Here are the outfit deets, my amazing head wrap from Moxie and Threads, I posted about them before and I still can’t get enough. Those head wraps are unlike anything else! Remember to enter in code “whitjmoxie” to get 20% off your purchase! She also just started selling the most amazing baseball sleeve dresses, of course I got one and will be featuring it on here sometimes soon so stay tuned :).

Now for this comfy, flowey tee. Its from Perle Market and oh so comfy! It’s also on sale right now for $15.57. But you can get it for even cheaper than that when you enter in code “whitjxoxo” to get 10% off your purchase from them 

Pants are from Mindy Mae’s Market and shoes and necklace are from Target.

Make sure to enter my $25 gift card giveaway and my HUGE brow package giveaway going on right now!


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La Belle Vie $25 GIVEAWAY!


I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite shops, La Belle Vie, to give you a $25 gift card to their shop! As you know, I love their clothes. They are unique, flattering, fun, and fantastic quality. One lucky winner will get $25 shop credit to their shop, here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @_whit_j (that’s me!) on Instagram and @shoplabellevie

2. Tag one friend per comment in the comments on my picture, more friends for additional entries.

3. Repost the picture with hashtag #whitjlabelleviegiveaway for an extra 5 entries {not mandatory for entering the giveaway}.

4. There is also a chance to enter on here, you get 5 entries by doing these two things: 1. Follow my blog 2. In the comments, tell me what your favorite item from their shop is.

5. OPTIONAL! For an additional 10 entries, reblog this post 🙂.

The giveaway will go from today, Thursday, June 25- Sunday, June 28, winner announced on Monday! So ENTER ENTER ENTER!!!

Remember you can get 25% off anything in their shop by entering in “whitjoxo” until July 15th! 


{Week 4} BIG Brow Package GIVEAWAY!


So as you know, I am a huge fan of dramatic, natural looking brows, they are such an important part of your makeup routine. So Seventy7 Cosmetics and I are giving away to one lucky winner a brow package. So you can also create your own natural looking beautiful brows! Here are the products included in the brow package, Angled Brow Brush, Brow Gel, and Duo Brow Powder. Here’s how you can enter:

1. Follow @_whit_j (that’s me!) on Instagram and @seventy7cosmetics

2. Tag one friend per comment in the comments on my picture, more friends for additional entries.

3. Repost the picture with hashtag #whitjseventy7giveaway for an extra 5 entries {not mandatory for entering the giveaway}.

4. There is also a chance to enter on here you get 5 entries by doing these two things: 1. Follow my blog 2. In the comments, tell me what your favorite brow secret/product is (if you don’t have one then tell me which product of Seventy7 Cosmetics you are dying to try).

5. OPTIONAL! For an additional 10 entries, reblog this post :).

The giveaway will go from today, Tuesday, June 23- Saturday, June 27, winner announced on Sunday! So ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! This brow package is amazing and worth over $50.

Linked below is my brow tutorial so you can see how I used all of the products that you might win in my brow routine. Remember, Seventy7 Cosmetics is also offering free shipping for all of my followers! Enter in code “WHITJFREESHIP”.


The Beautiful Amelia Dress


Some more LuLaRoe lovin coming your way! This dress is so comfy, so flattering, the perfect length and hugs you in the most perfect places…. Just like all of the other LuLaRoe dresses that I have bought :).

Now more about this clutch, it’s from the amazing Magnolia Mill shop and it comes in four different colors. It is the perfect size and also has a strap that can be hidden or you can pull it out if you want to wear it on your shoulder… the best part? It’s only 12.00+ free shipping. Such a steal!

Also, everything on my face is from Seventy7 Cosmetics, make sure to check out my tutorials section for how I used their makeup in several different ways. I am also doing an Instagram giveaway for their lipgloss so head on over to my Insta to enter 🙂


IMG_0837 IMG_0824 IMG_0752 IMG_0754 IMG_0753 IMG_0826

Perfect Summer Maxi


I recently found the perfect summer maxi from 3brunettes boutique, this boutique has an online option but they mostly sell their clothes using This maxi is so breezy and flattering, there is a tie that goes around your upper abdomen. Its in the perfect place to create a great, slim looking waist for you. I also love the sleeves, is that weird? haha I love how they don’t hug your arms, they give you some room to move. Happy Tuesday!! Thanks for reading 🙂 


IMG_0705 IMG_0704 IMG_0697

I Can And I Will + Seventy 7 Cosmetics Look of the Week {Week 2}


My favorite quote right now (it rotates, I am kind of a quote junkie) says “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.” I truly believe that

There is this amazing company called Perle Market that has the cutest shirts with such positive messages on them. I recently got this shirt from them that says “I Can & I Will” on it. This shirt is not only cute, but it truly helps me live by my favorite quote. Its really hard to be a negative Nancy when you have a powerful saying such as that staring back at you all day. Being a women in todays world is tough, we are so mean and so negative to ourselves. We need more reasons to believe that we are amazing, that WE can and WE will succeed, that WE are enough. Because we are, because YOU are.

Now about this adorable, chic, kind of edgy, outfit. The Kimono and the amazing clutch is from an adorable boutique called Magnolia Mill, I love this shop. The owner is so personable and she works so hard to make sure that everyone who buys from her feels like they receive a present when they get their order in the mail. I got three of her clutches at just $10 each! I LOVE them! The best part is that they are constantly running sales, like almost every day, along with free shipping with every order.  Like mentioned earlier, the “I can & I will” top is from Perle Market, their inspirational tops are just tip of the “gorgeous clothes” iceberg, check them out, you will fall in love too… and I have a coupon code!! YAY! enter in “whitjxoxo” to receive 10% off any order at Perle Market. 

My look of the week: As usual everything on my face is Seventy7 Cosmetics. My look of the week this week features their amazing, moisturizing, last all day, lipstick in the color “Fuchsia”. In my tutorial I have shown how to get the perfect bold lip, you can use my method with any color, especially the bold ones…. which are my fave :). This lipstick stays as good as Kat Von D for half the price. Remember to enter in code “WHITJFREESHIP” for free shipping on any orders placed at Seventy7 Cosmetics

Fewf! So sorry for the long post 🙂



IMG_0762 IMG_0760

Perfect Bold Lip Application: Featuring Seventy7 Cosmetics lipstick in color “Fuchsia”


{Week 1} Seventy7 Cosmetics Eyeliner Tutorial and GIVEAWAY!

IMG_2332I am so excited for this post! It’s Christmas Day for me. I have teamed up with the amazing Seventy7 Cosmetics to give away many of my favorite products over the next month, we will kick off the giveaways this week with giving away one of their all day wear, smudge proof eyeliner. In order to enter this giveaway you will need to

1. Follow @_whit_j (that’s me!) on Instagram and @seventy7cosmetics

2. Tag two friends in the comments of my picture (on Instagram)

3. Repost the picture with hashtag #whitjseventy7giveaway for an extra entry {not mandatory for entering the giveaway}

The giveaway will go from today, Wednesday, June 3- Saturday June, 6 winner announced on Sunday! So ENTER ENTER ENTER!!! I am so excited for whoever the winner of this amazing eyeliner is.

This eyeliner stays on all day, no joke. I have eyelash extensions so this tutorial is specifically how to apply their eyeliner if you have eyelash extensions, but you can use my method even if you don’t. I also talk about their lipgloss in this video. Their lipgloss is unlike any other lipgloss that I have ever tried. I am not usually a huge lipgloss fan so thats saying a lot for me. It isn’t sticky, it is SO beautifully pigmented, and it lasts for hours. I will be giving away one of their lip glosses soon, don’t you worry :).

Seventy7 Cosmetics is also offering free shipping for all of my followers!! YAY! All you have to do is enter in code “WHITJFREESHIP” now you can get all of these amazing products, free of shipping costs, that’s a steal!


image1 Seventy7 Cosmetics Cream Foundation Quad in color “light”, Precision Eyeliner, and Lipgloss in color “Pink Pop”.