About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Whitney. I am a fifth grade teacher in Orem, UT. I am absolutely passionate about fashion, fitness, food, babies, and much more. I have been putting off starting a lifestyle/fashion blog for so long because honestly… I am intimidated. There are so many incredible fashion bloggers out there, I just kept saying to myself “yeah you will be one of 5 billion and have like no chance to succeed.” And hey! That is probably true but then my hubs, AJ (you will hear lots about him, he is really my better half in every way), said “Why not try? What is the worst that could happen?” So I waited for months… until I gained enough confidence to put my big girl panties on and just dive into this whole blogging world. Right about that same time, I received such a fantastic opportunity to be a brand rep for one of the cutest Etsy companies, Three Chicks Couture.

Since then it has been a ripple effect. I am now representing several other companies. I truly feel blessed and I truly can NOT wait to share with you what amazing things these companies have to offer, along with coupon codes! You heard that, COUPON CODES. Achieving beauty on a budget is huge for me. My whole blog will be centered around how you can save a dime… or two :). So if you like what you see, stay along for the ride. I promise I will make it worth you while!


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