So a couple of weeks ago my cute friend, Julie, the owner of an adorable Etsy jewelry shop Unforgettable Jules posted about this company called LuLaRoe so of course I looked it up, fell in love, and got added to a LuLaRoe shopping party on Facebook immediately! I couldn’t even believe the many different styles that they had, things I had been looking for forever… FOREVER people. So I bought two dresses, they were shipped two days later and I wore them last week. Complete honesty here. I have never had so many compliments on one outfit in one day in my life. So after a day of feeling like a princess in my perfect dress, I contacted Hayley Kling, an awesome LuLaRoe consultant, and told her that I have to sell these ASAP! I need every single person I know to know how amazing this company is. The quality is top notch, and the patters that they use are unique and beautiful. The best part about these dresses is that they are 100% flattering, they hug you in all the right places and for us girls who are constantly trying to find dresses long enough and modest enough, these are the dresses. My party is this Tuesday on Facebook from 8-10 p.m, however you can continue to shop until Thursday. One big advantage of shopping on Tuesday is that Hayley is going to be offering some awesome specials from 8-10 p.m so you can get things at a discount. So while your all tuning into the Bachelorette 😉 (don’t lie, I know it your guilty pleasure too) you can do some shopping as well. If you want to be able to buy these clothes but haven’t been added to my group on Facebook you can comment on here to let me know so that I can add you :).

Also, one last MOST important detail, with both of these dresses I am wearing the most adorable necklaces from Three Chicks Couture seriously guys, I am in love. They are offering my followers 30% off through May by entering in code “BRANDROCK” so RUN, don’t walk over to her Etsy shop. I challenge you to find only one thing that you fall in love with.


IMG_0635 IMG_0630IMG_0640IMG_0632IMG_0643IMG_0645IMG_0647First Dress: LuLaRoe’s Julia Dress, Style For Today Chambray shirt (WHITNEYJ for 15% off), Shoes-Target, “W” dainty silver initial necklace- Three Chicks Couture

Second Dress: LuLaRoe’s Ana Dress, Hat and Purse- H&M, Shoes- Target, Bow Bracelet- La Belle Vie, Teach&Love bar necklace- Three Chicks Couture

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