On this lovely Thursday I’m throwin it back to my college graduation a few weeks ago. I graduated in Elementary Education from Utah Valley University. Of course for my graduation dress (that my hubs claims no one ever sees because of the gown… what?? Okay he may be right but still…) I had to find one that I LOVED because… you only graduated once, right? So I found just that, the perfect graduation dress from BBStyled Boutique. I wish that I would have gotten a few better angles of this dress because it truly is amazing. The way the stripes are angled on the side give it a very slimming fit and not to mention the fact that I felt like I was in my pajamas the whole ceremony long. But think the best part about this dress is that is was only $14.99!! SUCH a steal. BBStyled has incredible deals all of the time, keep an eye out on their giveaway page for deals that are FREE, all you pay is shipping. I will be styling this dress in my favorite way soon so stay tuned…maybe I’ll even be able to get a coupon code for you :). BBstyled is also doing a warehouse sale in Orem this Friday and Saturday check out their Instagram for more details about that! I am definitely going to be there.



Dress: BBstyled Boutique White Striped Midi Dress Shoes: Kohls

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